I started Life Coaching, in 1994, after I had taken a series of trainings NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) in order to help in the areas in which I was "stuck" (mostly personal). I had experienced a transformation that a year of pychotherapy could do (who needs that anyway... I just wanted to be fixed, and to fix the issues and problems). I believed all these tools, techniques, and strategies were way to powerful to not share with others.... thus The Learning Place was created. Since then I have worked with over 1500 children and students, and over 200 adults and business owner, outside of my experience as an educator for over twenty-five years (in which I empowered most everyone I came in to contact with). I would most enjoy to be your, your children's or business' Life Coaching or Consult. Let me guide, nudge, and support you to fulfill your purpose, goals, and dreams. You know you deserve it. 

The Learning Place- El Centro

Cheryl Von Flue, M.A. Ed.

Life, Education, and Business Coaching and Consulting

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